A Spirit of Stupidity

A Spirit of Stupidity!

What in the name of logic is happening to the west? I mean, Canada, the USA and European nations. There seems to be an evil spirit of utter stupidity that is rattling the brains of the most intelligent people. 180 IQers….!

Some guy from Liberia where the ebola epidemic is raging, goes into a hospital with a fever and they send him away? Hello? Ding ding ding Johnny!

The ISIS asses send out an order world wide to behead or by any method to kill “infidels” then this guy, after preaching this doctrine trying to convert people, goes into his work place and beheads a helpless old lady and the FBI says that it is not terrorist related. Ding ding ding what do they get Johnny?

Some asshole jumps over the White Hous fence in full view of security cameras, makes it through the main door and even further close to the oval office? No one has any explanation! Ding ding ding!

Another asshole is somehow allowed to get on the same elevator with the president of the USA and the guy is even packing heat! Ding ding ding!

Tedious arguments about the legitimacy of fighting this isisick cancer? They have beheaded your own citizens and are even beheading women and children. Boots on the ground? No! Tanks on the ground….lots of them. And as for the air force? Quit flying so high, swoop in low with fighter jets and strafe those vermin just as the greatest generation did. Ding ding ding!

Some neighbourhood watch dude with a tude is told clearly by a 911 operater “DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PERSON! WE WILL SEND HELP” He disobeys and shoots to death Trevon Martin after a physical altercation. Ding ding ding! And they find him not guilty because he stood his ground. Ding ding ding jury!

Some three hundred pound “teen” robs a store, threatens the clerk, attacks a cop named Wilson and Wilson shoots him because he has already received blows from this “kind-hearted teen” and there are riots because of this “injustice” Ding ding ding. Spirit of stupidity. Now they are shooting cops at random.

Young single men, born in the USA, Canada, or England, many of them of Muslim connection travel to Syria. For what reason? To get a sun tan? Then they are allowed, without question, to return to their so-called homeland where they intend to murder people? Ding ding ding! They are not Canadians, they are not Americans, they are not UK citizens! Rip up their passports and send them back to Syria!

Now lately, a beautiful young woman named Graham was last seen with a giant dread-locked dude who is forensically linked with the skeletal remains of another beautiful blond and maybe more and out of the woodwork a slime-bucket defence lawyer, paid by taxpayers money to defend this scum bag,  who says “there is nothing to link “my client” to this crime.” Ding ding ding!

Israel is denounced for “occupying” a land that clearly belongs to them unless you can find some Canaanites (they are no more to be found) They have always lived in this land since 3000 BC and have suffered endless attacks even to this day when after having given up Gaza, a land where the Hebrew champion, Samson lost his life. Philisines or Palestinians was the name given to the Israelites and now they  are constantly attacked by rockets that are launched deliberately from civilian locations. Ding ding ding!

Well the list goes on and on. We get angry and we get even by praying against this spirit of stupidity that seems to have overtaken the free world, a world made free by the blood, sweat and tears of the greatest generation, young men and women who bravely sacrificed all to achieve victory of tyrannical lunacy.
Wake up America! Wake up Canada! Wake up England! Wake up free world!


Religious Fanaticism

End this ridiculous attack on people. Religious beliefs that seem like something out of a comic book. I doubt that they really believe this stuff but their goal is control……and that means money 


Mullet’s a Fish not a Haircut

by Clancy O’Lafferty


I don’t care what you think of me “mullet”

I had one

long before

they so called it

If i want to I know how

to de cut it

I’m a barber by trade

so just shut it

Take your PC correctness and think

the smell overwhelms and it stinks

YOUR  mullet’s a fish

a rotten fish

Always so right

You declare what is light

and if one dares say “no thanks”

he is wicked


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014




Anti Americanism Gripe

My wife and I are Canadian citizens living in South Korea and we have been in this country since October of 2001. Last Sunday, we were walking through a traditional market place, quietly minding our own business and enjoying the sights and sounds. I am well-known to the market place people because I ride my bike through there very often and make a lot of purchases. My favourite summer shirt is an American League baseball shirt commemorating the win of the Toronto Blue Jays over the Oakland A’s in 1992. I was wearing this shirt, on our Sunday walk when suddenly, behind me, I heard a loud angry voice:


I ignored it and kept walking


I ignored it and kept walking.


I had recognized the Russian-accented English and though I should not have bothered, the Irish in me steamed up and I turned around to confront the idiot.

“Are you talking to me?”

“FUCK YOU AMERICA!!” He screamed.

He was the typical blondish milky blue-eyed type of Russian

“I’m a Canadian” I pointed to the maple leaf on the shirt.

At this he paused, a little, in a moment of embarrassment.


He continued his rant to the dismay of Korean shoppers and shop owners.

Here is my rant. This idiot is sitting in front of a chicken restaurant enjoying the freedom of fried chicken and draft beer all because Americans spilled their own blood to help the REAL Korea defend itself from a Russian and Chinese-funded communist dictator who, unprovoked, invaded this country, and in fact, it was America who liberated the whole peninsula from Japanese occupation and oppression. Many Canadians in the generation above me also gave their lives for Korea and so did hundreds of other countries of the United Nations.

What is stress? It is resisting the urge to rip the head off an asshole and shit down his throat. I resisted and instead I shouted:


A titter of laughter rippled through the crowd. There was a closed circuit tv camera. I reported the incident to the local police

Just because I was wearing an American League baseball shirt? How does this fool  know whether I might be from England, France…where ever? In any case, when he disses America he disses me!


Being Human

Poesy plus Polemics

"Trust" Painting by Lynn Rushton From dallasartsrevue.com “Trust”
Painting by Lynn Rushton
From dallasartsrevue.com

vulnerability lies
in dependence
reliance is a risk
such is life for
we social beings
biographies told
in tales of trust
joys often tied to
trust reaffirmed
agonies grown
from its painful

but poor is the
life who in fear
closes down from
withholds its trust
for in final analysis
that is the one
and the only thing
we own of value
to let us invest in
that most sublime
human exchange
of risk for reward

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When Spoken To In A Language, RESPOND in that Language if you are able!

When you are spoken to in a language, respond in that language if you are able! It is only polite.

It has been awhile since I have had a gripe and I’ve had so many likes I would bore you. But here is a gripe I have had for awhile and now I will cut to the chase.

Rule: When you are spoken to in a language respond in that language if you are able to. If not, apologize and say that you do not know.

As English is so prevalent, this seldom occurs in North America  However, there are some localities such as in Northern Quebec, Canada, (not Montreal)  where they do not speak much English. If you use the most rudimentary French, the people are so pleased that you would make the effort to communicate with them in their own language which shows respect.

French is my second language after English. I lived in Quebec for three years and found nothing other than open arms for my French which I acquired thanks to immersion at Laval University, Quebec City. The same must be true in the USA in that there are regions of Spanish speakers.

However, my gripe today is not about what language we use, rather it is about communication in general. My gripe is that there seems to be some sore of pride about what language is used and who is better a using it and blah blah blah. And my blunt gripe response to this pretentiousness is who gives a rat’s ass what language we use as long as we communicate. Is that not the goal of language?

When I was in Spain with my wife, Darcy, we took immersion courses in Spanish and practised with the public as much as we could. In Spain they insist that you try Spanish.  The check out ladies as “Super Sol” in Malaga cracked up at my efforts to use Spanish which was a “necessito”! Every time I went to the store I would ask, “Donde esta la leche” (where is the milk?) or some other memorized question. And they knew damned well that I knew where the milk was and were mature enough to understand that I was practising Spanish with them. They smiled and patiently told me for the 7th time where it was. But every time I had an exchange, my confidence was boosted especially when I made them laugh because at heart I am an entertainer.

However, in Korea, I have found it more difficult. After twelve years of living in this country, I am reasonably fluent in this language which is deemed to be the third or fourth most difficult language to learn for native speakers of English. I can attest to that. I am no language-learning slouch, but I must say that unless you are married to a non-English-speaking Korean, it really is difficult and you must push yourself to go into the market places and practise with people that you are certain have not a smattering of  English whatsoever.

But in Korea, you are faced with a whole rainbow of English language levels ranging from zero to full fluency and everything in between. Some people can say, “Hello, where are you from?” And that is the sum total. They have memorized this and God bless them. The other extreme, is some Korean national who has lived abroad and has practised so much English that they have no interest whatever in hearing some foreigner “break” their mother tongue even though we must listen to them, along with a hundred other accented dialects of English and we are expect to understand them.

The problem in Korea, is that they all look Korean. You never know what to expect. Is this person an English “Ace” who might be offended if I address him / her in Korean? Or does this person have absolutely zero English….how can I know? So, I always begin in their language, which is only polite since it is their country and I am a visitor. The reaction to my usage of Korean so varied. Koreans are sometimes shocked and then they giggle at hearing their language spoken “oddly” (there are many levels of speech) and either they are humoured by it, or sadly, they will not speak to you at all even though they have zero English. The other extreme is asking a Costco employee where a certain item is located. Now,a few of the employees have good English and some of them have zero. How am I to know? It is their country, they all look alike and Korean is their language. I mention this because today, I went to Costco, here is Pusan, to pick up a few items and one of those items needed was carrots. I did not see them. So finally in desperation I saw a woman with a Costco name tag and I had a choice: Do I ask, in English,

1 “Excuse me, where are the carrots?”

And get a puzzled look because the person does not know English. Or use Korean

2. “Tangun odi issoyo?”

I opted for the Korean as I usually do because it is their country and their language here is Korean. So, here was the scenario:

“Tangun odi issoyo?” And in perfect English she responds,

“You mean where are the carrots? over there.”

She knew what I said, and should have responded, “Chogi issoyo”

“Over there?”  I pointed

“Yes, over there.”

If I had drawn different card it might have gone this way:

“Could you please tell me where the carrots are?”

“Ne? Yongo molayo, morugessumneeda (I don’t know English, I don’t understand)

In other cases when I have used Korean, such is in, say, a McDonald’s, the employee responds in English, then I think, well, okay, and I proceed in English to ask about more items and they don’t bloody understand! Whereas I could have explained to said employee in Korean what I wanted.

So my gripe is this: When spoken to in a language, respond it that language if you are able to do so and use it! It is only polite! I can’t imagine in France saying, Excuse moi, ou est-ce que je peux trouver la Tour d’Eifel? And they answer, “Eeet iss down dat way monsieur”

When spoken to in a language, respond  in that language, if you can, as a mature adult or small child would. It is only polite.

When I was in Quebec, just learning French. I visited a particular store where I made regular purchases. I spoke the the store owner in my baby French asking him various questions and he knew that I was practising. Then one, day, after a couple of months of this, he spoke to me in perfect English, “So, where are you from, BC? Alberta? Well you could have knocked me over with a feather.

“You speak English!”

“Yes, I do. But I know that you need to practise your French.”

After that, he never spoke English to me again.

That is mature.






Unnatural Order

Poesy plus Polemics

"Unnatural Order" Painting  by James Aldridge At contemporaryartlinks.blogspot.com “Unnatural Order”
Painting by James Aldridge
At contemporaryartlinks.blogspot.com

when youngsters die
there can be no
good aftermath
everyone touched
by premature death
remains altered
faith crippled
forever foreseeing
more ruptures of
natural order by
hands born divine
or corporeal

no answers can
satisfy questions
no redress can
dissipate sorrow

but words flow
too easy on
unbroken paths
were it blood of
my blood either
dead or to blame
I don’t know
how my heart
might articulate
anger and grief
I just know
I’d be shattered

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